Church leadership

The Session is the governing body of any Presbyterian USA church. It is composed of the pastor of the church and elected "ruling" elders. The pastor generally serves as the "moderator" — or the head — of the Session. The Session has many duties, including receiving new members, managing finances, leading the congregation in the church's missions and managing the property of the church.

Current members of our Session are:

  • Class of 2017:
    Linda Berkley, Missions
    Jason DeWitt, Congregational Care
    Tommie Tennant, Congregational Fellowship
  • Class of 2018:
    Charlotte Davila, Building and Grounds
    Mimi Sloop, Christian Education &Cemetery
  • Class of 2019:
    Barbara Ross, Clerk of Session & Volunteer Church Administrator
    Charles Sims, 2018 Centennial Planning

Corporate officers:

  • Fred France, President
  • Barbara Ross, Secretary
  • Robert Taylor, Treasurer

Finance Committee:

  • Doug Noble
  • Barbara Ross
  • Bob Taylor


Pastor:  Rev. Kathy Campbell
Music Director:  Kathy Hutcheson
Administrative Assistant:  Ashlyn DeWitt
Custodian:  Elizabeth Womack

Crossnore Presbyterian Church • 200 Chapel Drive • PO Box 386 • Crossnore, NC 28616 • 828-733-1939 •