Weddings and rehearsals are not held on the following days:

Third Weekend in July

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day

Sundays prior to 2 pm. 

No more than one wedding will be held on any given day.

Weddings at historic Crossnore

Many questions arise when planning a wedding. The following guidelines have been developed by the church Session to help you in planning your wedding at Crossnore Presbyterian Church (CPC). The Minister and Administrator will work with you to make your ceremony go smoothly. We want this to be a pleasant memory for you.

Reservations for weddings and rehearsals are made through the Administrator, who is also available to help orient you to the church facilities and policies.

MINISTER: You must seek permission to have another minister officiate your ceremony with our Wedding Committee. The officiating minister must send a letter to the minister of CPC requesting permission to perform the ceremony and enclose a copy of his certification. You may make your written request to:  Linda Taylor, Chair; Wedding Committee; at the church address. Pre-marital conferences are required for a minimum of three (3) sessions, (six sessions are recommended). Appointments with the minister should be made when a wedding date is established. Such conferences should take place at least three to four weeks prior to the wedding. If counseling is obtained from someone other than the CPC minister a certificate or letter from that counselor is required stating the number of sessions held, and evidence of their certification to administer such counseling.

SEATING: There are a total of 28 pews in the church, 14 to each side. Typically during a wedding the first row is not used. It does not have a vanity panel and places the observers too close to the wedding party. The next row is reserved for parents, leaving 24 pews. If the following row is reserved for grandparents there will be a total of 22 pews available for the seating of guests. Eight fit comfortably in each pew, nine would be a crowd but doable. Therefore, one typically could seat 176 to 198 guests using a grandparent row, or 192 to 216 without.

REHEARSALS: It is suggested that all participants in the wedding be advised to arrive at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. This allows rehearsals to begin as scheduled. All members of the wedding party should attend including parents and grandparents of the bride and groom, the ushers who will be seating them, the ring bearer, and/or the flower girl. The availability of everyone at rehearsal, to see what their part will be, should help the wedding ceremony proceed more smoothly.

DRESSING rooms are available for the bride and her attendants. The Groom and ushers will need to come dressed. Guests should dress before arriving at the church as facilities are limited. We caution you that sound carries through the heating pipes. Your wedding guests seated upstairs can hear any loud noises made in the dressing area.

NURSERY facilities are available, however, it will be your responsibility to hire and pay an attendant.  The nursery must be left clean, in order, and ready for Sunday’s use.

PARKING attendants should be provided by the persons using the church. It is imperative that the public street which goes through the church yard be kept open as well as the two private drives that border the parking lot.

MUSIC can add much to the beauty of the marriage service. If a musician is to be invited, the CPC organist must be contacted prior to the week of the wedding for instruction on the use of the organ, or you will not be permitted to use it.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Available light photographs may be taken during the ceremony. In order to maintain a reverent atmosphere during the service, it is best that flash bulbs or extra light sources be avoided. The photographer should be as inconspicuous as possible. The wedding party may return to the sanctuary for photographs after the ceremony. Please advise your guests that flash pictures during the ceremony are prohibited. They may take special re-enacted shots after the ceremony along with the photographer.

THE FLORIST must contact the Church to arrange for set-up and take-down time. The florist needs to make these arrangements at least two weeks prior to the wedding. When your deposit is made you will receive an information sheet that should be given to the florist responsible for the decoration of our church for your wedding. Many brides, who are not using their flower arrangements for their reception, donate them to the church in which they are making their vows. If you choose to donate your flowers to the church to be used for Sunday’s service, please advise the Church in advance so an accurate announcement may be made in Sunday’s bulletin.

DECORATIONS: Many brides have chosen to be married in the simple, rustic beauty of Crossnore Presbyterian Church. Ornate decorations would certainly be out of place and would detract from the serenity and holiness of the sanctuary.

Church Policies

The following policies are set forth to preserve the proper atmosphere and to safeguard the furnishings:

  • According to liturgical law, no decorations or candelabra are allowed behind the pulpit.

  • Nothing may be attached to or hung from the cross!

  • Proper Paraments will be placed by the church prior to your ceremony. White is the color used for weddings.

  • Candelabra and flowers may be used in front or to the side of the pulpit. A kneeling bench is available. The chairs and communion table may be moved, and must be replaced following the ceremony.

  • No banner may be removed from their present place.

  • No building of a stage in the sanctuary will be permitted.

  • Candles will be Princess Candles or other non-drip type and at least fifteen inches in length. The furniture and floor must be protected from moisture, wax and other damage.

  • The use of tacks, pins, nails, glue or tape on the church pews, floors or furnishings is forbidden.

  • Aisle cloths present a safety hazard and are discouraged.

  • The marble table in the foyer may not be moved.

  • No arrangement or ornamentation of any kind may be placed in front of the Founders Plaque in such a way as to block or impede access to it or its readability. This plaque is located on the center outside front wall of the church building.

  • Decorations, other than flowers donated for church service, must be removed from the building immediately after the wedding. Any furniture moved must be replaced and the building left in the condition in which it was found prior to leaving for your reception

  • The piano and/or organ may not be moved. If this restriction is ignored, you will be charged a fee of $250.

  • The Communion Table must be treated with respect and must not be used as a common table.

  • If large containers are used for flowers they must be removed/replaced by Monday afternoon.

  • You are asked not to attach anything to the sign at the road.

Fees and Charges

MEMBERS of Crossnore Presbyterian Church, Associate members, and the immediate families of either group are welcome to use the sanctuary for weddings.

For non-members there is a charge of $600 (This charge is for the use of the church only).† This charge is due no later than one month prior to the date of your wedding. A $100 deposit/security fee is required to secure your date for the use of the church, and is due two weeks after making reservation with the Administrator.†† This fee is used to insure protection of the premises. Additional funds may be charged if church policies are not followed and additional outside help is required to repair, replace and/or clean the sanctuary or church grounds after your ceremony, (exclusive of “Custodial Care” below).

After the ceremony the Church Attendant will determine the condition the sanctuary and church grounds are left in, and decide if that condition warrants an additional fee.

ANY HORORARIAUM paid to the minister should be paid directly to the Officiant.

ORGANIST fees are paid directly to the organist.

THE PARKING ATTENDENT is paid individually. We can attempt to find someone for you if you let us know well in advance.

CUSTODIAL CARE can be provided by one of the local residents. This would include preparation for and restoration after your ceremony. (This person is hired by you, not the church. Therefore, their fee is paid by you directly to them.)

The Wedding Committee can make exception to the amount of the non-member charge required. Please send your written request to this committee, in care of the church, explaining why you feel exception should be made in your case. This request must be received within two weeks of making reservation for your wedding date with the Wedding Committee. You will be notified of the committee’s decision as soon as it is reached. In the case of an appeal the reservation fee of $100 is still due within two weeks to hold your date and time. If the committee decides against your request and you wish to cancel use of our sanctuary the $100 will then be refunded to you.

†† The $100 security/deposit fee is in addition to the church use fees. If the church and/or grounds are left in the condition in which they were found no additional fees will be required of you.

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